Chicago South Loop Museum Park walk to the Green River

Just another great day living in the Chicago South Loop Museum Park!  There is always so much to see and do everyday in Chicago.  I took a walk through Grant Park to the Green dyed Chicago River.  It all started in 1962 when some plumbers were dying the water to help with visibility for some repairs.  They used an orange powder with a secret recipe that as soon as it hits the water it turns the water almost a florescent green.  Along the way there was the parade on Congress with almost half the crowd decorated with green something.  The bars were open early in the morning and drinking in the bars, streets and trolly cars was the scene.  An interesting experience with the gorgeous sculptures and architecture of the city with all this intertwined.


After my interesting walk it was time for work.  Time to sell a condo in Museum Park!  Contact me if you are or know someone that is thinking about buying or selling in Chicago South Loop Museum Park or Chicago area.

Julie Anne

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