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Chicago South Loop Museum Park 60605 market

The Chicago South Loop Museum Park housing market zip code 60605 for April is looking better than March in many ways but a little dim as far as the median sales price (only $1000).   Central Station/ South Loop condos, South Loop Chicago lofts and Museum Park town homes are still selling well and my opinion is that the prices will increase at a nice rate this year.  It is all about supply and demand and the supply is shrinking and demand is getting greater at a fast rate in the South Loop zip 60605.

Stats for South Loop zip code 60605

Medium sales price:  $341000 down from March only $1000.

Months supply:  3.0 months vs 3.1 in March.

Properties in 60605 under contract:  860 up from 847 in March.

Closed properties in 60605:  833 up from 809 in March.

If you or anyone you know are looking to sell a property or are looking for property for sale in Chicago, including a South Loop condo, South Loop loft, South Loop town home or single family home in Museum Park, Chicago Loop, South Loop or surrounding areas contact me.  Thank you!

Julie Anne